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“A friend recommended this restaurant to me. He said it reminded him of home (New York) on Sundays (we are Italian)! The bread is outstanding and my Rigatoni Arrabbiata was outstanding. Everyone in our party loved their food”
Lorraine M., Washington DC

- Pazzo! 10/29/16

“As long time customers, having many different servers- we were delighted to be served by Amanda. A wonderful efficient representative for Pazzo!”
Abbe H., Naples FL

- Pazzo! 10/09/16

“Excellent service and food.”
Jon C., Chicago IL

- Chops City Grill Bonita 10/15/16

“Love the new menu and renovations!”
Mary L., Naples FL

- Yabba Island Grill 10/25/16

“Had a great dinner here the other night. It was bustling evening and we were promptly seated in a comfortable booth. The appetizers and salads were exceptional and very fresh. We especially liked the Potstickers. The Ribeye was one of the best I’ve ever had.”
Sophie D., Fort Myers FL

- Chops City Grill, Bonita 04/13/16

“Great fish, best calamari, love the atmosphere! Fun place to go for special occasions. The macadamia crusted grouper “mac grouper” was the best grouper dish I’ve had.”
Hannah R., Naples FL

- Yabba Island Grill 04/19/16

“On vacation visiting, we chose Yabba for dinner. Seating choice inside or outside. Great happy hour, friendly bartender. Diner was served by Cassidy who was “in training” but did an outstanding job – thanks for the wine recommendation. Dinner was delicious, we enjoyed our special night out. Will be back.”
Pat D., Philadelphia PA

- Yabba Island Grill 04/11/16

“I am always cautious when visiting Italian restaurants outside of Italy but this one did not disappoint. Nice range of food in the menu and well presented and prepared. Good wine list and add to this very good service and you will get a satisfied clientele.”
PJRHolbrook from Ipswich, UK

- Pazzo! 04/25/16

“I was recently at Blue Water, I go about once a month, and the Manager Matt is always very helpful and welcoming. The food is great, the Swordfish and or Grouper are terrific, and so is the Tuna Poke, and the staff are very friendly and do a nice job.”
Tom A., Naples FL

- Blue Water Bistro 04/25/16

“The meal was delicious and the service was wonderful. We enjoyed everything!”
Susan U., Naples, FL

- Pazzo! 04/23/16

Bill S., Clearwater, FL

- Chops City Grill, Naples 04/16/16

“The quality of the steaks was superb and the service was outstanding!”
Alan A. Naples, FL

- Chops City Grill, Naples 04/25/16

“Joseph was an awesome server. So helpful, cheerful and very receptive. He is an asset to your staff!”
Kay Y., Bismark ND

- Blue Water Bistro 03/07/16

“Awesome food and server Joseph. We come every time we visit SW Florida.”
Lisa A., Avon CT

- Blue Water Bistro 03/21/16

“Have more servers like Camden. He was a wonderful person and server!”
Laura W., Ft. Myers FL

- Blue Water Bistro 03/17/16

“Sitting in the seats at the wok bar was an amazing experience. It was like dinner and a show!”
Lisa K., Bonita Springs FL

- Chops City Grill, Bonita 03/01/16

“Excellent food and service.”
Helen P., Lyndhurst NJ

- Chops City Grill, Bonita 03/05/16

“Good food and good service”
Ross M., Bonita Springs FL

- Yabba Island Grill 03/15/16

“Tonights dinner was great and our server Ross was excellent.”
Nancy B., Pt. Pleasant, NJ

- Yabba Island Grill 03/20/16

“You guys are great!”
Susan O., Naples FL

- Chops City Grill, Naples 03/16/16

“Great service and delicious food! Wonderful wine selection!”
Bruce M., Farm Hills MI

- Chops City Grill, Naples 03/07/16

“Dinner was perfect. Steak cooked to perfection. Jeff was an amazing server and host!”
Dan L., Sayville NY

- Chops City Grill, Naples 03/04/16

“This place is exceptional and we have enjoyed every visit over the past 5 years!”
Tommy R., North Port FL

- Pazzo! 03/11/16

“Keep doing what you are doing! EXCELLENT!”
Ron W., Pittsburgh PA

- Pazzo! 03/15/16

“Wonderful dining experience. First time here, but we will return!”
Ron M., Estero FL

- Pazzo! 03/15/16

“Everything was great!”
Janet G., Baden PA

- Pazzo! 03/20/16

“Caesar was a fantastic server! Very friendly, efficient and informed!!”
Colleen A., Charlotte, NC

- Yabba Island Grill 01/15/16

“Excellent food and great service!”
Richard P., Naples FL

- Pazzo! 01/08/2016

“Courteous waiter (Devin) and excellent food”
Kay C., Kansas City MO

- Chops City Grill, Naples 01/15/16

“Excellent food, excellent service!”
Judith V., Lee Summit MO

- Chops City Grill, Naples 01/11/16

“Waiter (Peter) and food was great!”
Bart K., Bonita Springs FL

- Chops City Grill, Bonita 01/11/16

“Best salmon dinner ever!! and great service”
Krista I., Naples FL

- Blue Water Bistro 01/16/16

“Great restaurant and service. Always wonderful!”
Helen L., Naples FL

- Yabba Island Grill 11/21/15

“It was lovely and food outstanding!”
Claire R., Naples FL

- Yabba Island Grill 11/07/15

“Meal was excellent as was the service!”
Paul T., Naples FL

- Yabba Island Grill 11/06/15

“Great service and great food!”
Armond C., Bonita Springs FL

- Pazzo! 11/22/2015

“We tried the Anniversary dinner menu- OUTSTANDING!”
Leonard D., Bonita Springs FL

- Pazzo! 11/22/2015

“Everything was wonderful as always!”
Patricia D., Naples FL

- Pazzo! 11/20/2015

“Great service from Jackie.”
Michael D., Naples FL

- Pazzo! 11/10/2015

“Excellent service and meal.”
Elaine M., Staten Island NY

- Pazzo! 11/06/2015

“Server (Peter) was excellent, food good”
Dave F., Naples FL

- Chops City Grill, Bonita 11/05/15

“Excellent service!”
Claire K., Naples, FL

- Chops City Grill, Naples 11/01/15

“Eddie was very attentive and personable. We will ask for him again!!”
Kelly H

- Blue Water Bistro 03/01/15

“Amazing! Carlos is wonderful and food is exquisite”
Mary T, Naples, FL

- Pazzo! 03/02/15

“Great service!”
Richard B, Brooklyn, NY

- Chop’s City Grill, Naples 03/04/15

“Great food! Nice People”
Janice W, Woodbury, MN

- Blue Water Bistro 03/04/15

“Loved the food, service and presentation. A great experience and we will be back. Very professional service!”
Susie O. Naples, FL

- Pazzo! 12/19/14

“Very, very good. Staff is the best around!”
Paul F. Bonita Springs, FL

- Blue Water Bistro 12/22/14

“Christopher terrific waiter!”
Ron G. Bonita Springs, FL

- Blue Water Bistro 12/20/14

“Dennis was an awesome server! He totally made our dining experience A++!”
Gayle B. Naples, FL

- Blue Water Bistro 12/29/14

“Very good food and very good service!”
Unknown, Ft. Myers, FL

- Pazzo! 12/29/14

“The girls at the bar are outstanding!”
Velda A. Naples, FL

- Chops City Grill, Naples 12/28/14

“We continue to receive an excellent greeting and service.”
Scott L, Naples FL

- Yabba Island Grill 10/12/14

“The new “Crunchy Crispy Crab Stuffed Grouper” was EXCELLENT!”
Marilyn, Naples FL

- Blue Water Bistro 10/20/14

“The server (Kayla) was exceptional. She was very efficient and courteous. She made our visit great!”
Steve S, Fort Myers, FL

- Pazzo! 10/13/14

“Excellent tonight!”
Ron S, Bonita Springs, FL

- Blue Water Bistro 10/05/14

“Excellent friendly experience dining at the bar – Job the bartender was wonderful!”
Vinny F, Naples FL

- Pazzo! 10/12/14

“Everything was great! Awesome service and amazing food!”
Lisa S, Hallandale, FL

- Chops City Grill, Naples 10/09/14

“Great food!!! Great ambiance! Your server Maaike was superb.”
Jose M, White Plains, NY

- Chops City Grill, Bonita 10/11/14

“Never had a bad meal :-)”
David S, South Paris ME

- Chops City Grill, Bonita 10/13/14

“We ate outside and had good service. Enjoyed the Rasta Pasta and we look forward to eating here next winter.”
Rosemarie L, Kinnelon NJ

- Yabba Island Grill 04/09/14

“Excellent food and excellent service!”
Kathy N, Rockville NY

- Pazzo! 04/10/14

“Donny is the man! Great service with a joke and a smile. Very knowledgeable about menus and how to treat locals. We will be back!!!”
Janice D, Naples FL

- Yabba Island Grill 04/14/14

“Delicious dinner! Everything was cooked perfectly – service was lovely. Thanks!”
Rita S, Naples FL

- Chops City Grill, Naples 03/24/14

“We absolutely loved Sam. He was extremely attentive, accommodating and a real pleasure. The food was excellent. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and we will definitely come back!”
Giselle M, Midhurst Ontario

- Chops City Grill, Naples 03/26/14

“Very pleased! Good service and great food!”
Judy R, Ft. Myers FL

- Blue Water Bistro 03/18/14

“Excellent service and food!”
Ella E, Estero FL

- Blue Water Bistro 04/01/14

“Great all the way around!”
Megan W, Naples FL

- Pazzo! 04/01/14

“Excellent service and wonderful meal.”
Kevin T, Keyport NJ

- Chops City Grill, Naples 03/20/14

“Love your early dining menu. Food was excellent and Rachael was a wonderful server. Thank you!”
Linda J, Landhorn PA

- Chops City Grill, Bonita 03/15/14

Ed M, Omaha NE

- Chops City Grill, Bonita 05/25/14

“Excellent staff and food!”
James S, Bonita Springs FL

- Chops City Grill, Bonita 03/21/14

“Always a great experience. Happy hour snacks were great and terrific atmosphere!”Helen P, Lyndhurst NJ

- Chops City Grill, Bonita 03/20/14

“Shane did an excellent job. Food was great!”
Mike N, Hubbard OH

- Pazzo! 02/28/14

“Great meal! Great service!”
TA O, Bonita Springs FL

- Pazzo! 03/01/14

“Mark was personable and very informative about the menu. We had a most pleasurable experience as ALWAYS!”
Ron J, Middletown PA

- Chops City Grill, Naples 02/28/14

“Great!!! Great waiter!”
Jenny C, Cresson PA

- Blue Water Bistro 02/28/14

“Great service!”
Kathy R, Bonita Springs FL

- Blue Water Bistro 03/02/14

“Keep making that Veal Chop baby! I can’t get enough of it and it’s a good thing it’s HUUUUUUGGGGEEEE!!!”
Johnathan P, New York NY

- Pazzo! 02/22/14

“I am from CT and just here for a few days. Christina at the bar was terrific! Friendly and helpful. I will definitely come here next time I’m in Bonita! Thanks!
Chandler, CT

- Chops City Grill, Bonita 02/22/14

“Excellent service, great meal and wonderful wine! Happy time!!”
Jean K, Philadelphia PA

- Chops City Grill, Naples 02/22/14

“Always enjoy Pazzo! Naples resident for 15 years. Keep up the good work! Always enjoy the bar and its offerings. Good staff!!”
Frank N, Naples FL

- Pazzo! 02/22/14

“Shane was excellent!!! Very professional!”
Janey N, Naples FL

- Pazzo! 02/17/14

“Our server [Angela] was great. Explained everything and always asked if we needed anything!”
Barbara P, Naples FL

- Chops City Grill, Naples 02/17/14

“Such a nice dinner and evening outside.”
David K, Estero FL

- Blue Water Bistro 02/18/14

“Server [John] was exceptional!!!”
Patty G, Estero FL

- Blue Water Bistro 02/18/14

“Very good food and service!”
Sal F, Naples FL

- Yabba Island Grill 02/19/14

“Excellent food & service”
Craig B, Bonita Springs FL

- Blue Water Bistro 01/18/14

“Great food, good service, very pleasant experience”
John H, Naples FL

- Yabba Island Grill 02/13/14

“Excellent food. Excellent service- Michael made us feel at home!!!”

- Pazzo! 02/15/14

“We LOVE this restaurant! Look for my TripAdvisor review!”
Kathy and Harold M, Lake Barrington IL

- Pazzo! 02/17/14

“Bita is an exceptionally wonderful server”
Bob K, Naples FL

- Yabba Island Grill 02/17/14

“Everything was great! Had a party of 10. Good food and good service!”
David Y, Naples FL

- Yabba Island Grill 01/22/14

“Great – as always!”
Russ B, Sanibel FL

- Chops City Grill, Bonita 01/30/14

“Wonderful meal- will come back frequently.”
Elizabeth B, Naples FL

- Chops City Grill, Naples 02/17/14

“Devin was an outstanding server in every way! We always enjoy Pazzo and Chops!”
Pris S, Chattanooga TN

- Chops City Grill, Naples 02/08/14

“Service was great! Meal was outstanding!!”
Amy M, Naples FL

- Pazzo! 02/17/14

“Our waitress [Diana] was great! Nice, professional, hard worker… smiled and was very friendly. I will come back again! Thanks”
Mike E, Portland OR

- Pazzo! 01/11/14

“Visited Pazzo with a group of friends. We all had great meals from Sea Bass to Pasta. The highlight of the night was the great service (and patience) Shane provided. He was the best! I would definitely return and would ask for Shane.”
Monica T, Cleveland, OH

- Pazzo! 02/01/14

“Most consistently good restaurant in Naples! Excellent server [Taylor]”
John T, Naples FL

- Pazzo! 01/26/14

“Very good meal and service”
Peggy R, Haven Beach NJ

- Pazzo! 02/11/14

“Waiter [John] was very knowledgeable regarding menu. He was attentive to our needs, which made our dining experience excellent!!”
Barbara W, Bonita Springs FL

- Chops City Grill, Bonita 01/05/14

“Great dinner (all 8 ladies were happy with the food!)”
Shirley A, Naples FL

- Yabba Island Grill 02/01/14

“The service was wonderful! A delightful experience.”
Kathy D, Naples FL

- Yabba Island Grill 02/05/14

“Kevin R was the best server I’ve ever had! Really great!
Janice and George F, Naples FL

- Blue Water Bistro 01/20/14

“We had delicious dinners and the server [Savannah] was excellent: the reservationists were good too!”
Janet L, Naples FL

- Blue Water Bistro 02/13/14

“Great service and great food!”
Miller, Bonita Springs FL

- Blue Water Bistro 02/05/14

“Bart was darn good!”
Rick M, Springfield IL

- Chops City Grill, Bonita 01/10/14

“Fine Service – Thank you!”
Anita K, Naples FL

- Yabba Island Grill 01/07/14

“Excellent service!!! Really appreciate all the attention to detail with the service and the restaurant as a whole. Love the ability to choose fish entree and then your sides and sauce. A million combinations will keep us coming back!”
Julia T, Arlington VA

- Blue Water Bistro 02/01/14

“Everything was excellent. Had to work hard to finish everything- BUT we did! Server [Jody] was very attentive awesome job!”
Doug W, Naples FL

- Chops City Grill, Naples 01/23/14

“Superb service. Austin was great!”
Peggy F, Naples FL

- Chops City Grill, Naples 01/11/14

“First time here. Very Enjoyable”
Richard N, Estero FL

- Blue Water Bistro 02/04/14

” Came in for dinner and Adriano was an excellent server very attentive.”
Jim D, Strickler NY

- Pazzo! 01/08/14

“Service was Excellent!”
Fred B, Naples FL

- Chops City Grill, Naples 01/03/14

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